Review of Content for a New Website

Review of Content for a New Website

A Patient Education Provider

Product: ValidateCHE


A large patient education website, was about to be launched when the client realized the need for content validation.  The website included articles that spanned the spectrum of health – fitness and nutrition, conditions and disease states.

Key: Customized Solution

Why CME Peer Review :

The newly appointed director, a former CME director, knew of CME Peer Review’s commitment to content validation and independent network of clinicians and contacted CME Peer Review.


The Client requested that CME Peer Review evaluate all of the content before the site was to be launched in just 4 weeks.


CME Peer Review researched patient education guidelines and standards, then developed an appropriate evaluation tool that met the client’s needs, and trained their reviewers. Utilizing CME Peer Review’s online system, the Client easily uploaded more than 200 articles for review. CME Peer Review reached out to its large independent network and engaged appropriate specialists to review the content.


CME Peer Review met the desired timeline, the reports met the expectations of the client and they were able to confidently launch their website as planned. CME Peer Review saw the value in the validation of patient education and made it a standard offering. The Client hired CME Peer Review for a subsequent large-scale project.