Validate CE - Content Evaluation for Certified Activities

"We provide an annual conference with over 70 individual sessions – each of which has to be individually peer reviewed. CME Peer Review worked with us to have over 70 activities reviewed, and they had a network large enough and experienced enough to accommodate our needs."
Learn how a major conference provider utilizes CME Peer Review to assist its internal teams.
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Content Evaluation for Certified Activities

ValidateCE™ provides access to conflict-free subject matter expert (SME) reviewers who validate content relative to the identified educational gaps and objectives, and evaluate for objectivity, balance, commercial bias and scientific rigor.

ValidateCE™ delivers objective and transparent feedback to help you ensure that content is aligned with the best interests of learners and their patients.

Providers of certified education know that the ACCME, ACPE, ANCC and other regulatory bodies have certain  requirements about validation and conflict of interest (COI), including that:

  • Content be validated (Content Validation Policy)
  • COI be resolved (Standards for Commercial Support). Importantly, the ACCME cites effective peer review as a mechanism for resolving COI ( - Ask ACCME).
We help you meet validation and COI requirements.


Independent evaluation of content by CME Peer Review's conflict-free subject matter experts (SME) is based on 20 key criteria derived from relevant guidelines of the ACCME, ACPE, ANCC, FDA and AMA.

The thorough, yet concise, report is specific to the type of certification and can become an integral part of your COI resolution process.

This product is available for continuing medical education (CME), continuing pharmaceutical education (CPE) and continuing nursing education (CNE).  

Features of ValidateCE

  • Outsource your content review process
  • Supplement your current content review process

Benefits of ValidateCE 

  • Enhance oversight of joint sponsorships
  • Save valuable staff hours

Turn-around Time

Standard turn-around time is 4 business days for up to 3-credit activities. We offer expedited service for an additional fee.