"Having been involved with CME Peer Review for a number of years as a reviewer and a pharmacy director, I have been consistently impressed with the quality of the reviews and the training that all of the reviewers undergo."
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Content Evaluation for non-certified activities

ValidateIE™ gives you access to conflict-free subject matter expert (SME) reviewers who validate content relative to the stated educational objectives, and evaluate for objectivity, balance, commercial bias and scientific rigor.

ValidateIE™ delivers objective and transparent feedback to help you validate the independence of non-certified activities to ensure that content is aligned with the best interest of the learners and their patients.

Companies that provide non-certified education know there are industry standards to be met, including requirements by the FDA:

“Companies and providers who wish to ensure that their activities will not be subject to regulation should design and carry out their activities free from the supporting company’s influence and bias, based on the factors considered in evaluating activities and determining independence”

(FDA Guidance for Industry-Supported Scientific Educational Activities)

We help you meet validation and COI requirements.


Independent evaluation of content by CME Peer Review's conflict-free subject matter experts is based on 11 key criteria derived from relevant guidance from FDA and 9 criteria related to educational value and effectiveness.

The thorough, yet concise, report can become an integral part of documenting independence and resolving conflict of interest (COI).

This service is available to education providers and commercial supporters. 

Benefits of ValidateIE

  • Validate content for non-certified educational activities
  • Outsource your content review process
  • Supplement your current content review process

Turn-around Time

Standard turn-around time is 4 business days. We offer expedited service for an additional fee.