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BetaTest Enduring Materials

CEPilotTest™ quickly and easily connects you with target audience members who can beta test enduring materials before making them available to your audience.  Our turn-key system helps ensure that CE enduring materials are effective.

  • ACPE and ANCC recommend pilot testing as one method for determining the amount of credit required for successful completion of enduring materials before finalizing the education activity for distribution and use.
  • The AMA requires that accredited providers establish a good faith estimate of the amount of time a physician will take to complete the activity to achieve its purpose and/or learning objectives (e.g. the average time it takes a small sample group of the target audience to complete the material) (American Medical Association. (2010 Revision). The physician's recognition award and credit system.)

Accredited Providers are required to:

  • Determine the appropriate number of credit hours
  • Establish a proper length of accreditation
  • Present content in depth and scope appropriate for the audience
  • Provide for "some type of learner interaction or self-assessment" upon completion of the activity


CEPilotTest™ is an independent validation of enduring material and posttests by representatives of the target audience.  CEPilotTest documents the amount of time required for the learner to complete the activity, verifies the effectiveness of educational materials and can be used as an integral part of the credit designation process.

The pilot test is conducted by a group (3-5) of representative members of the target audience. CME Peer Review's independent clinical experts evaluate CE enduring material for educational integrity and regulatory compliance and provide you with essential documentation that addresses:

  1. Time required to complete the activity
  2. Recommended length of accreditation
  3. Appropriateness of content for target audience
  4. Effectiveness of medium
  5. Achievement of purpose, goal and/or learning objectives
  6. Absence of commercial bias

Turn-Around Times

The standard turn-around time is 4 business days for up to 3-credit activities.  We offer expedited service for an additional fee.