About CME Peer Review

The value of an external review process provides a level of independence that I would never be able to accomplish if I were to rely purely on an internal review or monitoring process.
Learn how a Commercial Supporter relies on CME Peer Review for activity monitoring.


Our mission is to independently evaluate medical education content prior to distribution and to independently monitor CE activities for educational quality and integrity, scientific rigor and regulatory compliance. We strive to enhance the quality and credibility of continuing education for the healthcare professional.

CME Peer Review is an independent review organization. We provide independent evaluation of educational content prior to distribution and monitoring of live activities.

Our vision is to demonstrate the value of independent monitoring across the CE spectrum.

CE Providers, IME Providers, and Commercial Supporters turn to us for the most comprehensive and highest quality evaluations in the industry. In fact, we are the first company dedicated to independent evaluation of CE activities for educational quality and integrity, scientific rigor, and regulatory compliance. Founded by a veteran CE professional and a physician, the company integrates two critical factors: industry compliance experience and clinical practice.

As a client of CME Peer Review, you can count on our ethos of customer service and integrity. Our key attributes lead to success:


  • CME Peer Review policies and processes have been developed and implemented by veteran CME/CE professionals
  • Reviewers are qualified and trained


  • CME Peer Review is not a commercial interest
  • Reviewers have no conflicts with the manufacturers of products discussed in the content, with the commercial supporter, or with the CME provider


  • Reviewers are required to disclose prior to each assignment
  • Reviewers deemed to have a conflict with the manufacturers of products discussed in the content or the commercial supporter or CME provider are ineligible for that assignment

We do not develop, deliver, or support activities – we are not an accredited provider or a commercial supporter.