38% of Commercial Supporters plan to increase the percentage of independent medical education activities that they monitor over the next year.

PACME Monitoring Survey Results 2011

We equip you with critical Validation Reports.

"Because CME Peer Review has experts across the country, we have been able to deploy a local specialist who can… work with our faculty, validate the content, and make sure… that the content is hitting the mark and meeting the learning objectives."
Learn how an education company teams with CME Peer Review to improve its educational offerings.


Monitoring of Live Activities

VerifyCE™ links you to a network of conflict-free subject matter experts to evaluate live and enduring activities for compliance with regulatory standards and professional ethics codes.

Monitoring of CE activities is now a best practice for providers and a standard for grantors. The ACCME requires that providers:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of CE activities in meeting identified educational needs
  • Assess the effectiveness of the overall CE program and make improvements to the program
  • Monitor to ensure compliance and fulfill ACCME Criteria 7 –10 (Independence)
  • Gain an advantage with commercial supporters through independent monitoring and Comprehensive Reports to demonstrate compliance and value
  • Enhance oversight of joint sponsorships
VerifyCE™ can help your organization through robust, live event evaluation requirements.


VerifyCE™ is an objective, third-party, on-site audit of live CE activities and enduring activities by independent physician, pharmacist and nurse subject matter experts who are specifically trained to assess compliance with accreditation standards, regulatory guidance, and industry ethical codes.

VerifyCE™ delivers objective feedback that verifies regulatory compliance and educational quality and integrity of CE live activities and fosters independence and quality improvement of the overall CE Program.

This service is available to CE providers and commercial supporters for continuing medical education (CME), continuing pharmaceutical education (CPE) and continuing nursing education (CNE).  

Features of VerifyCE

  • Outsource your monitoring process
  • Supplement your current monitoring program
  • Verify your current monitoring program to objectively gather data for program quality improvement or compliance

Benefits of VerifyCE 

  • Demonstrate your commitment to quality improvement and regulatory compliance.
  • Save valuable staff hours

Turn-around Time

Standard turn-around time is 10 business days for a one hour activity. We offer expedited service for an additional fee.