What Makes Us a Great Partner
  1. Established and vetted company
  2. Cost-effective and scalable services
  3. Vast network of reviewer experts
  4. Easy-to-use online system that provides rapid turn-around times
  5. Unparalleled reporting capabilities

Our Tools Can Help

Our vision is to demonstrate the value of independent monitoring across the CE spectrum.

We operate in a complex regulatory environment – one where educational integrity is critical. Educational stakeholders, including Accredited Providers and Commercial Interests, must continually demonstrate:

  • Independence in their education
  • Freedom of commercial bias
  • Fair balance and evidence based content
  • Appropriateness for the intended healthcare learners
  • Consistency with the original grant request 

Due to myriad industry requirements to document educational integrity, this can often be a daunting and costly task. Increased staff time, countless evaluation tools, numerous hours of reviewer training across multiple in-house SOPs and external guidelines, coordinating staff and consultant teams, and producing timely and actionable reports – taken together, these can quickly add up to lost productivity, hidden costs, and the potential of introducing organizational conflicts of interest into the review or monitoring process.

CME Peer Review can help. Our tools, teams, and methodologies deliver solutions to organizations across the spectrum of healthcare education – whether you are a provider of education or a pharmaceutical, biotech, or device manufacturer supporting independent medical education (IME).

How We Can Help You

  1. Our experience helps to quickly diagnose the particular challenge you face and recommend solutions that have been proven to work. 
  2. We offer both branded and bespoke solutions to address your organization's challenge and ensure your content review and monitoring needs are satisfied.
  3. Regardless of where your education takes you, in whatever clinical audience, we have reviewer experts who are there; who understand the unique situation and who practice in the local context.
  4. Our online system helps you meet tight timelines by being quick and user-friendly.
  5. However our data will be used, our reporting capabilities give you the confidence we can help to meet and exceed your expectations.

Learn About Our Approach

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