Consumer Health Websites: Why Content Validation Matters
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Content Evaluation of Patient Education

ValidateCHE™ affords you access to conflict-free clinical experts. Our independent subject matter experts evaluate consumer health education materials for educational integrity and compliance and provide you with essential documentation.

We document the educational integrity of consumer health education through a turn-key system that ensures that information provided to consumers/patients is valid, aligned with the public interest, and compliant with regulatory guidance and standards.


FDA’s requirements for direct to consumer (DTC) education, The Utilization Review Accreditation Commission's (URAC) 2006 accreditation program for Health Content and Personal Health Management Providers and the Health on the Net Foundation (HON) Code of Conduct (Honcode) for medical and health websites serve as consumer recognizable quality seals. Our comprehensive report features objective evaluation of 5 key criteria derived from FDA's requirements for DTC and URAC health content requirements. 

Benefits of ValidateCHE™

  • Outsource your content review process
  • Supplement your current content review process
  • Enhance independence and objectivity.
  • Save valuable staff hours

Turn-Around Times

Standard turn-around time is 4 business days for up to 3 hours of content. We offer expedited service for an additional fee.