Monitoring of Large Annual Meeting

Monitoring of Large Annual Meeting

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Product: VerifyCE


The client, a non-profit specialty organization, was evaluating their annual CE meeting through online attendee evaluation forms, and even though the feedback they received from their attendees indicated that the conference was meeting its educational objectives and was free from commercial bias, they felt strongly that the conference should also be evaluated by an independent group of individuals and that an independent review would reinforce these findings and enhance confidence. 


Key: Independent Turn-key Solution

Why CME Peer Review :

The client learned about CME Peer Review from a colleague and were pleased to learn that a solution existed and that there was no need to develop an evaluation and process for implementation; CME Peer Review has the necessary subject matter experts in our network, and reviewers were independent of their organization and commercial supporters.


The Client requested our assistance in monitoring their national conference just 6 weeks later. They determined that they would start with sessions with the most attendance, and if they were satisfied with the reports they would expand the number of sessions to be monitored.


CME Peer Review assembled the subject matter experts, vetted them for conflicts of interests and quickly assigned reviewers to attend the multi-session time slots selected. The clinical expert completed the 40-item on-line evaluation and the findings were summarized in a final report and provided to the client.


The client found that the report achieved their goals and was happy with the timely service we provided. They continue to engage CME Peer Review and increase the number of sessions to monitor this conference annually.