Master Network Member Agreement: Auditor Addendum

            This Role Specific Addendum for Product Reviewer is an addendum to that certain Master Network Member Agreement between the parties.

            WHEREAS, the Company desires to engage Auditor to perform the services described in the Master Network Member Agreement and herein;

             NOW, WHEREFORE, in consideration of the promises, covenants and obligations set forth in the Master Network Member Agreement and below, the sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the parties hereto agree as follows:

Services.  Monitoring of Live and Enduring Activities.

During the Term of the Master Network Member Agreement and while performing assignments specific to the role of Auditor, the Auditor shall:

(a)       Complete the requisite Auditor training program prior to providing Services, and complete all subsequent training updates;

             (b)      Attend and assess the educational Activity and provide relevant comments and feedback by applying his or her knowledge and expertise in the Activity Content area and familiarity with accreditation standards, regulatory guidance and professional ethics codes.  Auditor agrees to comply with the following requirements, which Auditor acknowledges are not exhaustive:

1.       Review information provided;

2.       Arrive 15 - 20 minutes prior to the start time of on-site activities; sign-in 10 minutes before the start of live webcasts;

3.       Sign in as an attendee;

4.       Do not acknowledge or disclose your role as an auditor;

5.       Select a seat that will allow you a good vantage point to observe staff, faculty, attendees and industry representatives;

6.       Attend the entire activity;

7.       Gather as much information about the activity as possible to assist you in your assessment; make notes for reference when completing the evaluation form;

8.       Collect three (3) copies of each handout provided at on-site activities and send to CME Peer Review via FedEx within in 24-36 hours after the conclusion of the activity;

9.       Do not leave anything behind at the venue;

                      10.   Complete additional evaluation forms when requested (additional compensation provided).

      (e)     Complete and submit a Company evaluation form within forty-eight (48) hours of receiving access to the content or attending the activity, unless shorter or longer times are otherwise agreed.  Perform research as necessary to complete the form.

      (f)   Respond to questions or requests from the Company for clarification or additional information in a timely manner.

      (g)   Complete Company’s process in a timely manner to ensure that Company can deliver the report to client by the agreed due date and time.

      (h)   If unable to complete the confirmed assignment by the agreed upon deadline, notify Company’s Project Manager immediately.

      (i)    Upon completion of the project,

1.       Submit expense report for pre-approved out-of-pocket expenses

2.       Complete the online feedback form. 


This Addendum supplements but does not supersede the Network Member Agreement between the parties